SharpStrategy Process

We’re ready to ensure a great lift off….
……and your safe return on investment.

Our SharpStrategy process promotes collaboration, making you a participant, and giving you ownership. It draws you in, captures your vision and transforms it into the results that you’re looking for. We do the heavy lifting, but your input shapes the idea. We’re so sure of this collaborative process, we guarantee a product that you’ll love! In the end, you’ll have a fully packaged project with the tools to attract more business, clients, members and / or donors!

Step 1. Discovery & Planning
The first step of any project is discovering where you are and where you want to go. This discussion identifies what sets you apart as an organization, captures ideas you have, and pinpoints the exact goal for your company and this project.

Step 2. Diagnostics
Based on our findings in the Discovery & Planning phase we create a visual presentation of your current tactics, culture, and mission. We look at your competition and the ways your organization is unique.

Step 3. Solutions Board
In this phase we map the future. We identify values and benefits and also make specific recommendations on messaging, vision, and direction.

Step 4. Inspiration Board
Now comes the fun part! We take the creative along two divergent paths, marrying the visual with the verbal. Once you choose the direction that resonates with you, we polish and refine until you are satisfied.

Step 5. Concept Board
We take each piece that we have built and put them together into the big picture reveal! We present you with a finished product that you have approved each step of the way. This board is a compilation of all the previous boards and includes your branded campaign treatment including the finalized look, feel, and messaging for your campaign.