Is it time for a website audit?

Our audit will zero in on the following factors on your website:

Content Items Factors

  • Up-to-date: Latest information
  • Accurate: Accurate vs inaccurate content
  • Complete: Gives the facts
  • Language: Corporate jargon vs plain English

Social Items Factors

  • Contact: Easy to contact you
  • Feedback: Easy or Difficult to participate
  • Transparency: Confusing vs transparent
  • Ratings: Ratings, reviews, recommendations

Ease of Use Factors

  • Search: Website search results
  • Menus & links: Clear vs confusing menus / links
  • Layout: Simple layout / easy to read vs Cluttered / hard to read
  • Look & feel: Branding / Design Aesthetics
  • Speed: Fast vs slow load time
  • Rank: Keyword Ranking Report

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